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Maciej Lampe Profile (English Version)

Maciej Lampe
Birthdate: 5/2/85
NBA Position: Power Forward
Ht: 7-0
Wt: 240
Hometown: Lodz, Poland
Euro Team: Real Madrid

NBA Comparison: Dirk Nowitki

Strengths: At just 17 years old, Maciej is the youngest player to ever play with the Real Madrid First Team. Some consider Lampe the best young prospect in European Basketball. Lampe has the potential to become an NBA player in just a few years. He is strong and has unusual fundaments for a 17 years old player. He is best playing the power-forward position but he has the versatility to play the SF position with his great shooting and ball handling. His lateral quickness and movements are very fast and agile.

Weaknesses: The only weakness that Lampe could have nowadays is that he is very young. He needs a bit more mental strength. Because of this his defensive and rebounding skills are not complete. With more aggressivness he can become very strong on defense and rebounding.

Player future: He has trained and played this year with the first Real Madrid Team in ACB League and Euroleague, but he played all the season with EBA Real Madrid Team. Could be a first Real Madrid Team player this year and in a few years he could be Drafted.

Coach and Players Opinion:
Juan Ignacio García Alesanco (coach of Lampe in the junior team of Real Madrid 2001-2002) on Maciej Lampe: “Maciej is one of the best ones of our young players (Edu Hernández-Sonseca is the other one). He is a first year junior (a 17 years old) but is already a very strong player. Besides, he is skilful at shooting, even trying for three. Lampe plays for the national team of Poland. I emphasized their physical power and also he can handle the ball despite being a big guy. He is very versatile player, he can play as a 3,4 or 5”.

Alexander Djordjevic, teammate of Lampe and one of the best European playmakers of All-time thinks Maciej Lampeis with Edu Hernández Sonseca and Raúl López are the future of the Real Madrid.

*Maciej Lampe played the end of the 2002-2003 season with Complutense in the LEB league (a kind of second division in Spain, the same one where Splitter plays) in order to get playing time.


How far are you going to get, Maciej Lampe?

1999-2000: Junior Alvik de Stockholm (Sweden)
2000-2001: Real Madrid Cadet
2001-2002: Real Madrid Junior / Real Madrid B / Real Madrid Lower categories Polish National Team Player.
2002-2003: Real Madrid (ACB) / Complutense (LEB)

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